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This is a large content web site, that contains information about history and geography plus many other topics. There are many topics in these pages that you can access through links. Some of these topics are: Education, Finnish Spitz, Samoyeds, Cats, Dogs, Pets, On line education, e-commerce, money, spa, bath, Karelia sauna Finland, Finnish dictionary, Finnish language, Finnish translation, Finnish Sauna, Finnish gifts, Finnish names, Finnish food, English-Finnish translation, Finnish mythology, Finnish music, Finnish litarature, Finnish authors, Tom of Finland, Finland history, Map of Finland, Finland map, Better Business bureau, business, home business, stem cell research, alternative medicine, leipa piirakka music linguistics books Uralic Ural video language alternative medicine Uralic Finno-Ugric World War II, WWII, Ladoga, Laatokka, Continuation, Stalin, Hitler, Finnish Navy, Army language maps of Russia Inkeri Mari El Udmurtia Komi Perm Vikings Varangians Ice Age Mordovia Pirkko Kiansten Russia Purge holocaust Lapland, Helsinki, Norway, Germany, Ski patrol, Mannerheim, guns, weapons, attack, Veps Riiga Baltic States Russia Purge Holocaust Baltics CCGS BC sauna sauna sauna sauna Cold Fusion Biological Transmutations Haida skiing Vancouver Island, Sointula, maps, Lord of the Rings